The Love Mantra

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The Love Mantra KLEEM – Is The Divine Law Of Attraction Vibration…

For Love and Relationships and all your material needs

Om Kleem Parashakti Namah

Life is Love. This All Attracting Shakti Love Mantra Will Create Love Miracles In Your Heart… The Single Sound Vibration of Bija Mantra Kleem Can Bring Whatever You Desire Into Your Destiny.

This mantra relates to Sundari, the Goddess of love and beauty and also to lord Krishna, who is totally irresistable and also called “The Stealer Of Heart’s”.

Kleem carries the “Akarshana Shakti” or the Power of Attraction, and can be used by both men and women to increase the love energy and to fulfill your wishes.

Do yourself good inside. Think what’s good for you and what you feel

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